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Who’s Eligible


All U.S. full-time and part-time employees working a minimum regular schedule of 21 hours per week are eligible, unless previously excluded from a predecessor plan. When you are eligible for benefits, you can also enroll your spouse or domestic partner and other eligible dependents.


Dependents who can be enrolled for coverage include:

  • Spouses (unless legally separated or divorced)

  • Same- or opposite-sex domestic/civil union partners

  • Your eligible dependent children, including:

    • Your natural children

    • Your legally adopted children

    • Your step children

    • Children of your domestic partner

    • Children placed with you for adoption

    • Your foster children

    • Any other children (including grandchildren) for whom you are the legal guardian as determined by a court of competent jurisdiction


Children are eligible for benefits as follows:

  • Dependent children up to age 26 are eligible for medical, dental, vision, and child life coverage regardless of marital or student status.

  • Unmarried dependent children age 21 and older, if totally disabled, are eligible for dental, vision, and life insurance coverage. Qualifying certification of total disability will be required by the plan.