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TX Employees: Important Update Regarding Potential Changes to Your Healthcare Network Here.

TX Employees: Important Update Regarding Potential Changes to Your Healthcare Network Here.

New Hires

Welcome to Publicis Groupe!

We’re glad to have you on the team. At Publicis Groupe, we believe our employees are the heart, mind and soul of our business. That’s why we work so hard to provide you and your loved ones with best-in-class benefits and ensure you get paid in a timely manner.

All new hires are required to complete their Benefits and Payroll Packet for New U.S. Employees.

Bookmark this page and refer back to it often! All the benefits and payroll information you’ll need as a new hire will be on this page. Here are some helpful documents as you review your benefits for this calendar year:

When You’ll Receive Benefits

You have 45 calendar days from your hire date to enroll in your benefits. Your coverage effective date is based on your hire date or (for existing Groupe employees) when your employment status changes to benefits-eligible. If you are hired or become eligible for benefits on the first of a month, your coverage will be effective on the first of that month. Otherwise coverage will fall on the following month. For example: If you were hired on October 1, you would receive benefits effective October 1. If you were hired on October 2, you would receive benefits effective November 1.

Within 45 calendar days of your hire dateEnroll in your benefit elections online on the bswift enrollment site.
Within 7 ‒ 14 days from the time you enrolledYou and your dependent(s) will be actively enrolled with the benefits that you elected. If you’d like to contact our insurance benefit administrators to discuss in-network providers, see the contact list in the Benefits and Payroll Packet for New U.S. Employees.
Within 14 ‒ 21 days from the time you enrolledYou’ll receive ID card(s) in the mail from our insurance benefit administrators, including medical, prescription and dental, as applicable.

Note: If you need to use insurance before your enrollment is active in the insurance benefit administrator’s system, you may pay out-of-pocket and submit a paper claim to the insurance benefit administrator. Or, you may present the enrollment confirmation page to your provider, and ask the provider’s office to hold off on sending claims to the insurance benefit administrator until you can confirm you are actively enrolled. You can find claim forms on the Forms & Guides page.

Setting Up Direct Deposit

We’ll get you set up with Direct Deposit when you complete the Benefits and Payroll Packet for New U.S. Employees. With Direct Deposit, your paychecks are automatically sent to your bank account — there’s no check, and no trip to the bank. It’s the most predictable and convenient way of receiving money.

Making Updates to Direct Deposit

If you wish to add, remove or make changes to your direct deposit accounts at any point, you’ll need to update it in both the ADP Employee Self-Service Portal and your personal bank information in Altair (SAP).

Contributing to a 401(k) Plan

Now, let’s take care of future you.

We will automatically enroll our regular or full-time salaried employees to defer 5% of their wages to a 401(k) Plan — within 35 days from the hire date. These contributions will be automatically invested in one of the FIAM Index Target Date Commingled Pools Class Y funds according to your birth date. You also have the option to contribute more! Visit the 401(k) Plan page to learn more.

It gets better: We’re going to match up to a total of 4% of your eligible pay when you actively contribute to your account. See the above link to get all the details.


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