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TX Employees: Important Update Regarding Potential Changes to Your Healthcare Network Here.

TX Employees: Important Update Regarding Potential Changes to Your Healthcare Network Here.

The Work Number

The Work Number Overview

The Work Number® from Equifax provides automated income and employment verification for Publicis employees. Most often, when applying for a job, loan, credit, lease agreement or government–sponsored programs, you are asked to consent to having your income and/or employment verified. By directing verifiers to The Work Number Service your income and employment information can be securely and easily verified via The Work Number Service website, 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Each pay period, Payroll securely transmits your employment and income data via ADP to The Work Number Service. The Work Number stores the payroll data and only releases the information to verifiers once the appropriate credentials are utilized to access your data.

The Work Number protects your personal data by credentialing all verifiers prior to system use, authenticating the verifier at login, requiring the verifier to have Consumer Consent and a valid Permissible Purpose for requesting your data, and also monitoring and auditing verifier activity to ensure compliance with these safeguards.

Note on Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) Compliance

The Work Number complies with The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which ensures that employees can see who is requesting their data and provides a mechanism to dispute data that they believe to be inaccurate.

Start Using the Work Number

The Work Number is a fully automated service. Secure access to your income and employment data can be obtained via The Work Number at 1-800-367-5690 or via The Work Number website and logging in as “Employee” or “Verifier” with the following credentials:

  • Employer name: Publicis

  • Employer Code: 26531

  • User ID: SSN, PIN Scheme: Last 4 of SSN + 4 digit year of birth

View an instructional video on The Work Number Service. For questions or more information please contact The Work Number Client Service Center: 1-866-604-6572, Monday – Friday; 7am – 8pm CT; TTY–hearing impaired: 1-800-424-0253.