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TX Employees: Important Update Regarding Potential Changes to Your Healthcare Network Here.

TX Employees: Important Update Regarding Potential Changes to Your Healthcare Network Here.

Dependent & Elder Care

Supporting your loved ones is a deeply fulfilling responsibility, but it can also be challenging at times. At Publicis Groupe, we understand the vital role of caregivers, and we're here to assist you in navigating the tough moments, allowing you to prioritize self-care along the way. Let us be your partner in providing care for your loved ones and yourself.

  • Care for your Family's Mental Health

    In the hustle and bustle of life, taking care of your mental health can easily slip through the cracks. But your well-being should never take a back seat. That's why we offer a range of resources dedicated to your mental health and overall well-being, providing you with convenient and accessible support whenever and wherever you need it. Prioritize your mental wellness and unlock your full potential with our comprehensive resources at your fingertips.

    Discover more about the EAP and other helpful resources on our Therapy and Coaching page.

  • Caregiver Support

    Ensure your loved one receives the care and companionship they need during times when you can't be there. Connect with qualified caregivers who can offer short-term assistance, providing the support your parent, spouse, or other loved one requires in your absence.

    Access Bright Horizons and see below for more information about the Bright Horizons' Back Up Care program.

  • Care Coordination

    Gain peace of mind with our Publicis medical plan benefits, granting you access to a dedicated personal health clinician. Whether you need help finding the right doctors, managing appointments, or reviewing medical instructions, our trained professionals are here to support your health care needs. Reach out to a personal health clinician today and take control of your well-being.

    Talk to a personal health clinician

Bright Horizons Back-Up Care Program

The Bright Horizons Program provides access to temporary back-up in-home care for adult/elder family members (even if they don’t live with you).

This benefit allows you to make back-up care arrangements for your loved ones without having to take time away from work when regular care arrangements fall through, an unexpected emergency arises or you simply need additional dependent care assistance.

Start Using Back-Up Care

To register for the first time, go to Bright Horizons Back-Up Care and click “Not signed up yet? Register Now.”

How to create a Bright Horizons ID: employee’s lastname+mmyyy+last4 SSN e.g. watson0819998954.

  • Bright Horizons ID: lastname+mmyyy+last4 SSN

If you have questions, call 1-877-242-2737.

Back-Up Care Visits:

Total of 15 days per year* (for child and adult/elder back-up care visits) 

See Raising Children for more details about Back-Up Care options for children.

Employee Copays:

In-Home Care:

  • $6 per hour

Payments collected by Bright Horizons

Let the Bright Horizons Program be your 24/7 family care resource

  • Back-up care is available every day. In-home care is available Monday-Friday typically between 7am – 6pm. Night and weekend in-home care is also available upon request. To access back-up care services, you must be employed in a benefits eligible work status during the time care is needed.
  • For ease of use, advance registration is strongly recommended. Registration is free. Nominal copays apply only when back-up care is provided.
  • Online, self-serve and self-pay resources are available to connect with housekeepers, babysitters/nannies, pet sitters/groomers, elder care resources and more.


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