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Commuter Benefits

Commuter Benefits Overview

The Commuter Benefits program, administered by Inspira, lets you set aside before-tax dollars to pay for eligible mass transit and parking expenses to get to and from work. You can contribute up to $315 (typically indexed each tax year) in before-tax dollars toward your eligible mass Transit and Parking expenses each month. Broadridge provides a monthly subsidy of up to $60 towards Transit Orders (for months in which you place a Transit order). If you are located in the Gateway Center Newark, NJ office only, the subsidy may be applied for Parking or Transit monthly orders (for months in which you place an order), but not both. Please note, if your location changes from Gateway Center Newark, NJ to any other location the parking subsidy will no longer be applied.

You may enroll if you are a regular associate scheduled to work 20 or more standard hours per week.

Commuter orders may be placed, stopped, and changed on a month to month basis at any time during the year via the website. New orders, stops, and changes must be entered by the 10th of any month on the Inspira site to be effective for the 1st of the following month (e.g. by January 10 for February 1).

For further important details about how the program works, visit HR Connect > Search "Commuter"