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What Kinds of Benefits Does Waters Offer?

To help you find the right work/life balance, Waters has designed a benefits package that helps:

  • Cover your health costs

  • Improve your finances

  • Encourage growth, both personally and professionally

To help protect your paycheck, Waters provides some benefits automatically, at no cost to you:

  • Basic Life

  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)

  • Short-Term Disability

  • Long-Term Disability

  • Business Travel Accident Insurance

Other benefits are optional (aka voluntary plans). These benefits will cost you something, but any costs you pay are either:

  • Shared between you and Waters-with Waters paying the larger share and/or

  • Significantly reduced-courtesy of Waters

As you think about which benefits selections are right for you, consider both the advantages each one offers and their corresponding costs, including:

  • Your per-paycheck costs

  • Any likely additional costs you’ll need to cover yourself

  • What your costs would be in a worst-case scenario

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  • Basic Life Insurance: Coverage that pays out to your beneficiaries in case of your death.

  • AD&D: Coverage that pays out in the event of your death or a permanent loss related to injury.

  • Short-term Disability: A way to cover a percentage of your paycheck if you’re out of work for a short while from an illness or injury.

  • Long-Term Disability: A way to cover a percentage of your paycheck if you’re out of work for a long while from an illness or injury.

  • Worldwide Travel Assistance Program: You’ve also got some coverage for non-business travel, which includes any trips over 100 miles from your home.